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Nothing can transform the look of a home’s exterior or interior like custom stone. Whether your style reflects the rugged spirit of a western lodge or the regal feel of an old world castle, there are plenty of choices when it comes to your next project. At RF Remodeling LLC, our stone siding contractors can help you find the perfect stone veneer to accent you and your home’s style.

Stone veneer is a great solution to achieve the look and quality you want without the high price point. Due to the light weight and smaller size of veneer, when compared to full-dimension stone masonry, veneer is easier to transport and install. With options ranging from 1" thin stone to conventional 3"-5" veneer, we can install stone on virtually any surface.

Exterior Stone

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and our Rochester NY stone siding contractors know that! Curb appeal is instantly upgraded when adding stone veneer to the exterior of a home. If you hire RF Remodeling LLC your home, adding stone accents will really improve and enhance the looks of your home and create a true custom feel. Or just add stone to your existing stucco or sided home and enjoy the compliments from your neighbors and friends! There are endless possibilities when utilizing stone on your exterior, such as...

  • Accents on your stucco siding
  • Cover old, dated brick and chimney surfaces
  • Full walls and gables
  • Porch and patio columns
  • Outdoor fireplaces, bars and grills
  • Mailbox stands

We would love to explore your options further. Call or email the top stone siding contractors in the Rochester area today to set up a free design consultation and quote.

Interior Stone

Transform the look and feel of your home’s interior spaces with the stone veneer that captures your style and personality! You spend the majority of your time inside your home, and you deserve to enjoy the warmth and character that stone accents create. RF Remodeling LLC contractor can help you create the perfect theme for the inside of your home. Some of the most popular uses for interior stone works include...

  • Hearth and fireplace
  • Full interior stone walls
  • Bathroom accents
  • Kitchen islands and walls
  • Interior columns

The possibilities are virtually endless.

Call or email us today to schedule a free design consultation and quote.


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